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Live Nativity Dec. 1920
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Lutheran Church of Peace, 1345 N. Water St., Platteville, will present a Live Nativity on Friday and Saturday evenings, Dec. 19–20 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Church members dressed as shepherds, angels and Wise Men will join Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in a re-enactment of  Christ’s birth.

For more details and information, contact the church, 348-3166,

The concept of a Live Nativity originated with Rev. Jeff Pedersen, the pastor. Tim Zauche and Jim Olson constructed a modular wooden stable that can be disassembled for storage. Live animals, including cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys join their human counterparts to portray the Christmas Scene. Volunteer actors dress warmly under their realistic costumes, and most serve in shifts to take breaks from the weather.

“We’ve never had any problems recruiting shepherds and angels, but Wise Men are another story,” joked chief shepherd David Miller. “It has been difficult to find three people with really high IQs who are willing to stand out in the cold for a couple of hours ... even if we provide them with lots of hot chocolate and homemade cookies. My dog, Valentina Augusta, has been a cast member every year, but Shadow, my cat, elects to stay home where it is warm. I guess she’s a Wise Cat.”

Hot chocolate and cookies will be served in the church Fellowship Hall, which has a fireplace. There will also be a display of the ‘Gifts of the Magi’, including genuine coins from the early Christian era and their modern equivalents. Just what did the Wise Men leave as gifts for the Baby Jesus? Come and find out.