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Merger proposed among three co-ops
Vote due by Dec. 18
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The board of directors for Family Dairies USA, Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative and Milwaukee Cooperative Milk Producers have called for a membership vote on the proposed merger of the three cooperatives.

Members of the cooperatives are asked to mail votes into their respective cooperative by Dec. 18.

The call for member votes comes after a series of information sharing opportunities. Following the announcement of a unanimous board vote to recommend a unified merger for the membership earlier this fall, all cooperative members received additional information on the merger through regional meetings. Detailed literature and a voting ballot via mail were also distributed to all cooperative members.

If passed by the membership vote, the three cooperatives could become the largest Midwest dairy marketing cooperative.

“This is an exciting and historic opportunity for our members,” said David Cooper, general manager of Family Dairies USA. “Each cooperative is built on a deep history and the combined strength and brand value of all three organizations will provide a larger platform and significant opportunities to our members.”

“If passed, the collaborative power of the three organizations will provide our members with a more powerful voice in milk marketing policy while allowing for expanded direct services to members,” said Dennis Donohue, general manager of Manitowoc Milk Producers Cooperative. “Members will also see benefits of greater efficiencies which we have already begun to identify.”

“To achieve these efficiencies and move towards the future, members need to make their voices heard,” said Jim Bird, general manager of Milwaukee Cooperative Milk Producers. “Each member’s vote is important in this historic process. We encourage all members to vote yes on this promising opportunity.”

Membership votes on the proposed merger must be received by the member’s respective cooperative by Dec. 17 at 4 p.m. if sent via mail. Members are encouraged to mail their ballots to the listed office within their information packet in advance to meet the deadline. Members may also hand deliver their vote on Dec. 18 to their respective cooperatives’ special meeting being held to approve the merger and count ballots.

If the merger passes, the new, combined cooperative will begin business function Jan. 1.

For additional information on the proposed merger, members are encouraged to visit, or to contact their respective cooperative.