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Ambulance services moves to new location
Ambulance services moves to new location
The new home of Richland County Ambulance Services undergoes remodeling at the former REC building.

Richland County Ambulance Service is grateful to announce that our office is moving! We officially began operation in the new location Monday, September 12.

 Our new address is 1027 N Jefferson St, Richland Center, WI 53581. Please update your address books accordingly. Note only the address has changed; phone/fax numbers and email addresses remain the same.

 We appreciate your patience as we adjust to the new location. Due to the many elements that constitute a move such as this, we may not respond to phone calls or emails as quickly as usual during this first week but will respond as we are able. (We will continue to respond to 911 calls as normal with no expected interruptions for service.)

 We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank those who made this possible, especially the Richland Electric Cooperative and Bob Simpson. We are so grateful for and humbled by the community support and well-wishes we have received throughout this project.