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Crawford Stewardship files lawsuit to stop Pattison mine
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Crawford Stewardship Project (CSP) along with plaintiffs Arnie Steele, Loren Fishler, Mark Fishler, and Dan Linder have brought a legal challenge against the Town of Bridgeport on their decisions to issue permits and allow commencement of mining connected to a frac sand mine in the Township with virtually no conditions.

“The egregious decision making process and resulting permit, amid over-riding objections and challenge by the Bridgeport neighbors, was unacceptable to us,” states Edie Ehlert, Co-coordinator of CSP. “The Lower Wisconsin Riverway, Highway 60 Scenic Byway and resulting scenic easements with the federal government by landowners (including those mining) speaks to the wonderful value of this area for all of Wisconsin residents.”

“Our zoning says that an activity must ‘not be injurious of use of other property nor substantially diminish and impair the property value,’” states Arnie Steele, “This permit certainly affects the use of my and my neighbor’s property and ability to sell.”

“We brought in about 250 petitions in opposition to the mine to our township officials. We brought our questions. We brought our concerns on misuse of agricultural land, our own farm and livestock and well concerns. The officials answered none of our questions. If allowed, this mine will have a negative impact on our lives, every day, for generations,” remarks Loren Fishler.

The case was filed on August 21 in Crawford County Circuit Court.

The mine is to be operated by the Pattison Sand Company of Clayton, Iowa on leased land of Bridgeport property owners Rodney and Sandra Marfilius, Lee and Joan Pulda, Earl and Amber Pulda and Alan and Kathy Flansburgh.