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Gays Mills' newest business offers healing touch
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A sense of vocation is something many of us never find. So, Bill Stanton knows how lucky he is to have found a calling. And in answering that call, he has now opened Gays Mills’ newest business—Spirit Care Massage.

His massage practice mixes Western and Eastern healing traditions by blending Swedish massage, the form most Americans and Europeans know best, with acupressure and Tui Na, the traditional Chinese form of massage.

“It’s very therapeutic,” Bill described. “Massage is good for stress relief, for all sorts of overuse problems and chronic issues. It is more than just a treat. I hope people can see it for its value as a tool to help you live a healthier life.”

It was his own health troubles that started him down this path initially. It was just a few years ago that Bill, a slight and gentle man, found himself struggling with the pain and difficulties of a disease many of us know too well—Lyme’s Disease. Looking for relief, he explored alternative and complementary therapies that would help him recover.

Bill found acupuncturist Ellen Ardorfer of Viroqua, who was able to help him significantly. The experience helped build his budding interest in alternative therapies.

Bill knew because of his own experiences that he wanted to do something that involved working one-on-one with people in an alternative health care setting. And, a massage practice was something he could see himself doing later in life, when he was ready to leave behind a regular day job.

That led to him reducing his hours at his job in purchasing at BAPI to attend the East-West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, an 800-hour course leading to state licensure.

At the East-West Healing Arts Institute, Bill studied anatomy and physiology along with sports massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and a number of other massage practices.

Bill has set up a pleasant and private office in his home, which is set back on the hillside at 618 Mulberry Street in Gays Mills. Appointments are currently available on Wednesdays, weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Bill’s fee structure is:

$30 for ½ hour

$55 for 1 hour

$75 for 1½ hour

There is a $5 discount for appointments booked within one month of another appointment and for referrals.

“I owe deep thanks and gratitude to my wife Marcy, who has been so supportive of my journey,” Bill said. “And I also owe thanks to my boss at BAPI, Vicki, who was very generous about working with me so that I could reduce my work schedule for school and then to open my office.”

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, you can reach Bill at 735-4511 (home); 608-286-8305 (cell); or by email at