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Mayor concerned over sudden Foundry closure
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Richland Center Mayor Paul Corcoran is concerned about the well-being of Richland Center Foundry employees in the aftermath of its sudden closure last week. Mayor Corcoran provides the following statement.

“On December 8, 74 employees of the Richland Center Foundry found out their place of employment would no longer be open. These employees were given no notice, so they were unable to prepare for this event.  Many made holiday plans based on a steady source of income. They will be able to file for unemployment compensation, however that check does not arrive immediately. Although some may have known the end was coming, the actual event always is stressful. 

“On Thursday, December 17, Ron Coppernoll from Workforce Development will be at the Richland Center community center from 10 a.m. until noon. He will be present to help displaced workers with the process of filing for unemployment and many other services available to help find work. He will also help complete forms to allow employees to petition for money, since the company did not give the required notice. 


“It is difficult for me to think of the potential struggles the employees will encounter through the holiday season. I know the community wants to help, but the big question is how? I would encourage any person, business, or group who would care to offer any assistance or discount for any service they provide, to contact the Mayor’s office in City Hall at 608-647-6428, or call me at 608-647-8806. We will post the items/services available at the Community Center during the Workforce Development meeting.”