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Muscoda café offers Bohemian cuisine
Pink Spot Coffee Shop
Pink Spot Lady
KATY WAS BUSY last week making her special potato dumplings, wondering how many she will need Friday. She noted that they can be frozen, and saved for another day if necessary. - photo by Wendell Smith

MUSCODA - Katy Grimm, who has operated her Pink Spot coffee shop adjacent to Wisconsin Avenue in Muscoda for about 10 years, says the current COVID-19 epidemic has made her business more challenging. But she notes because it’s a one-person operation, at least she doesn’t have to worry about the welfare of employees, as is the case with many locations providing a food service. 

Her small shop has always been unique with “from scratch” homemade-style main dishes, topped off with special desserts. You won’t find a French fry on the menu, but specialty dishes are regular. 

Friday of this week, from noon until gone, Katy will fight the epidemic downturn challenge by offering a traditional Bohemian dish centered around dumplings made with freshly peeled potatoes that includes pork and sauerkraut plus poppy seed biscuits.

Katy doesn’t remember when she started her special Bohemian offerings but they have become a tradition for her customers. She is willing to admit her ancestry is not Central European, but Irish and English. But she notes that her late husband Cliff was Bohemian and she cooked for him for many years. Plus, she lives in the Castle Rock area that was settled by many Bohemians. So her Bohemian background may be considered “on the job training” as she learned to make the special “tricky” dumpling recipe she uses.

            She considers the current pandemic a serious challenge, which is why the Friday event will be for carry-outs only.