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New business offers antique and vintage items to Shullsburg area
water st market
Dan & Sue Morrissey own and operate Water Street Market in Shullsburg, which opened just a few weeks ago.

There’s a new business open on Shullsburg’s Water Street that provides people with a unique shopping experience with a variety of antiques, refurbished and vintage items, DIY materials, consignment items and more.
    The shop is owned by Shullsburg natives, Dan and Sue Morrissey, and opened its doors for the first time on June 15.
    “Things have been interesting since opening,” explained Sue. “We never really know how things will go from day to day, sometimes it’s really busy and sometimes there’s just a few people, but we’ve only been here a little while, so we’re still figuring some things out.”
    Sue formerly worked in sales at the local creamery, but quit her job to operate the shop full time. Dan still has his full-time job, but likes to think of himself as the “idea man” when it comes to the store. 
    “I enjoy envisioning how something will look in my mind and then making that happen,” he said. “From there it goes to Sue and Kim.”
    The couple’s daughter, Kim, is a project consultant for the store and also handles marketing and social media.
    “We hope to create a place for people to come and see things from the past that can be used in the future,” said Dan. “And we really want to help bring people to Shullsburg’s downtown and see what else is offered here.”
    The couple just recently bought the building in the spring and began renovations, replacing the floor and doing painting, also redoing the apartment above the store to rent out, planning to use that income to support the shop.
    “We want to be here for the long haul,” said Dan. “This is a very historic building and town and we want to continue that history and bring it in to the present for everyone, especially the new generations to enjoy.” 
    The store offers garden and home items as well as furniture, in addition to the antiques and vintage items. Sue’s parents collected antiques for many years and have a large inventory of items that Sue and Dan occasionally purchase, to sell in the store.
    Eventually, they want to get a variety of locally made items available in the store as well as seasonal items throughout the year, which relates back to the shop’s name of Water Street Market.
    “We want to have a little bit of everything eventually, which is what a market really is,” said Sue.
    Water Street Market will be celebrating a grand opening event on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4 during open hours and will have door prizes available.
    The store is open Thursdays through Mondays from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. roughly, depending on the day. The open hours of the store are somewhat flexible, but will be available on the store’s Facebook page.
    “We’re still figuring out solid hours just yet,” said Sue.
    Anyone with questions can contact the store at 608-482-2854 or visit the store’s website at or on Facebook and Instagram. Photos of the store’s inventory are circulated through Facebook and the website.