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New restaurants on Main; planned stores on Business 151
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Noodle House, etc., which sells mostly pasta dishes, opened in late June, with a grand opening planned in the future.

PLATTEVILLE — Two new restaurants have opened on the 100 block of East Main Street in Platteville in the past three months.

Two more restaurants are planned for East Business 151 in the near future.

The first restaurant to open was Noodle House Etc., which opened at 125 E. Main St. in late June.

“This whole thing started as ‘why don’t we put something here?’” said partner Jessica Powell, who has been catering Filipino food for Chicago-area customers. Powell’s partner formerly operated the Shangri-La restaurant and owned the building in which the Noodle House is located.

The restaurant serves pasta dishes, such as Fettucine Alfredo, pad thai, and macaroni and cheese. It has expanded beyond noodles into other entrees, such as barbecue pork steak.

Noodle House Etc. employs four people and is open daily except Sundays.

The restaurant that instantly became one of downtown Platteville’s largest employers is Jimmy John’s, which opened at 105 E. Main St. Oct. 2.

Jimmy John’s employs 40, largely because it’s open from “when the bread’s ready,” around 8:30 or 9 a.m., said general manager Royce Rood, to 3 a.m. six days a week and midnight Sundays. The store is open for walk-in customers and also delivers.

“We emphasize quality, consistency of the product,” said Rood. “We make sure everything’s fresh every day.”

The store is owned by Wesley Banks of Davis, Ill., who owns three other Jimmy John’s stores.

East Business 151 will become the home of two new restaurants in the next few months.

Berry Yo, a self-serve frozen yogurt store, will open at 305 E. Business 151 in mid-January. The 3,800-square-foot building will have seating for up to 90, plus a party room.

“We’ll have eight separate machines,” said co-owner and manager Tim Stanton. “Each machine will have two separate flavors. You can mix two flavors to make a third flavor. People can make their own sundaes; you pay by the ounce.”

The store is modeled on a store in Arlington Heights, Ill., but, said Stanton, “it’s pretty much unique.” Stanton expects to have 12 to 15 employees when Berry Yo opens.

“It appeals to people of all ages,” said Stanton. “Yogurt can be fat-free; it’s gluten-free. There’ll be a machine that’s sugar-free.”

The next newest restaurant, Dunkin’ Donuts, does not have a timetable for its opening at 245 E. Business 151.

Jeremy Alsaker of Travel Mart Inc., the store’s owner, said the store would be open “as soon as possible. I wish we were open today. We’ve had a lot of different challenges there in the development process.”

Travel Mart owns five Dunkin’ Donuts stores and plans to open another nine at least, including in Monroe, Alsaker said.
Alsaker expects Dunkin’ Donuts to employ 35 people when it opens.