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Olde Time Barber Shop opens in Shullsburg
olde barber shop
Bob Simonson (L) and Sally Ryan (R) are available for all your barbering needs at the Olde Time Barber Shop located at 207 W. Water St. in Shullsburg. -Photo by Tallitha Reese

There is a new storefront open for business on Shullsburg’s W. Water Street and it’s called The Olde Time Barber Shop. There’s even an old time barber chair displayed in the front window from the 1800s, so you can’t miss it. 

The location of the newly opened Olde Time Barber Shop is especially appropriate for the business, as throughout Shullsburg’s history the building located at 207 W. Water St., which was originally built in 1884, has often been occupied by barber shops, the most recent being Del’s Barber Shop, operated by Delvon Tregloan.

    The Olde Time Barber Shop opened officially on Tuesday, April 1 and received its first customer the very next day. Currently the shop is still working on some small finishing touches, like painting and other details, but they are ready to provide service to any who need a haircut or shave.

    Owner, Bob Simonson has operated a barber shop in Lancaster for the past seven years where he was known as “Bob the barber,” but recently he and his wife relocated to Shullsburg, so he decided to move his business to the area as well.

    Simonson is especially excited to be a part of Shullsburg’s historic district and wants to be sure to honor the beauty and history of the building as well as the past barbers that practiced their trade in the building before him.

“That’s a big part of why it’s called The Olde Time Barber Shop,” he explained.

    Simonson, who is originally from the west coast, has a background in men’s and women’s hairstyling, barbering, doing flat tops, high and tights and children’s haircuts. Simonson also points out that he does barbering in the old-fashioned, traditional way with shaving around the ears.

Joining Simonson at his store on Thursdays, will be Sally Ryan of Sally’s Barber Shop in Darlington. Ryan will be available for appointments on Thursdays only and she wants to reassure her current clients that she is not closing down the Darlington shop.

    Ryan had known Simonson previously and had helped him out at his Lancaster shop, while he was absent for a time last year, so Simonson was excited to ask Ryan to be part of his new Shullsburg barber shop, especially since she is originally from that city.

    In fact Ryan’s parents Virgil and Mary Catherine Ryan operated the City Hotel, a pizza house and tavern in Shullsburg for many years.

    “I just love Shullsburg and this street is so charming,” said Ryan. “I’m really looking forward to coming home and working in this old building that is so beautiful.”

    Ryan said she’s excited to reconnect with people in the area and provide a good service at the same time.
“I just love this profession,” she explained. “I like the old fashioned barber shop versus the big box store because you get more personal service and you’re not just a number.”

Ryan has over 30 years experience in the business and began her shop in Darlington in 1986.

Simonson and Ryan are planning a grand opening for the shop on Thursday, May 1 and will have snacks and special deals available throughout the day. “Everyone is invited to stop by and check out the shop,” said Simonson.

The Olde Time Barber Shop is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturdays by appointment only.

“Walk-ins are welcome and we’ll take appointments as well,” said Simonson. “We also do special discounts for veterans,” he added.

With prom and graduation approaching Ryan also wanted to encourage people to book their appointments early. The Olde Time Barber Shop can be reached by calling 608-723-8201.