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Quilts at First National Bank this month
Minature Amish Nine Patch

Patrice Steiner of Platteville is the featured artist exhibiting her quilts at First National Bank in Platteville during the months of October and November.

Steiner’s work may be viewed during the bank’s business hours.

“‘Quilting changes everything’ — I read this quote years ago in a quilt magazine article and thought how true that saying is,” said Steiner. “Quilting certainly changed my life. Having never been very artistic when I was growing up and definitely not good at sewing clothing during Home Economics classes in junior high/high school, I never would have thought I’d end up wanting to sew for a living!

“I discovered the world of quiltmaking in 1981 when I accompanied a friend to a quilt show. While there I fell instantly in love with the quilts that were on exhibit. I wasted no time in registering to take a Beginner Quilt class at the local junior college. I soon became hooked and started cutting out my first large quilt on Super Bowl Sunday while everyone else was watching the game.”

Steiner started a business, PS Machine Quilting Services, at 380 E. Business 151 in Platteville.

“As a quilter, I am drawn to traditional patterns, though I have an appreciation for all styles of quilting,” she said. “Over the years, my signature style has become to use at least 30 fabrics in the quilt, which I feel gives the quilt visual interest.

Today’s quilters have a wide variety of beautiful fabrics from which to choose, so why not use as many as possible?

“Now my 30-year hobby has transformed into my own business offering professional machine quilting services. I know I will be doing this forever. As the saying goes ... quilting changes everything.”