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Sustainable Main Street recycles at Dairy Days
Ed White - Dairy Days Committee and Donate Recycling Bin
Dairy Days Committee member Ed White is pictured near one of the recycling bins placed at Dairy Days this year. The first recycling effort resulted in an estimated 33 percent of trash recycled.

The newly formed Platteville Main Street program’s Sustainability Committee, in partnership with the Platteville Dairy Days committee, organized recycling at the Dairy Days event this year. 

The group is interested in seeing recycling offered at all community events in the future.

To kick off this effort volunteers provided recycling and compost information in a display at Dairy Days and took shifts emptying the recycling containers throughout the event.

L&M Corrugated Containers of Platteville donated cardboard recycling containers to make recyclable products easier to dispose of properly at event. Faherty Recycling and the Dairy Days Committee provided support for these efforts.

The owners of the Driftless Market volunteered to empty the bins throughout the event. They reported that the recycling bins were well used by event participants when they were located directly next to the garbage containers.

Faherty Recycling informally tallied approximately 20 yards of garbage and approximately 10 yards of recyclables picked up from the event. By volume, that would be a 33 percent diversion rate.

The committee will be sharing its recommendations with the event committee to see how recycling can be even better utilized for Dairy Days 2013.

For more information about the Main Street Sustainability Committee contact Heidi Dyas-McBeth at the Driftless Market,, 348-2696.