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The Wear House offers more than just clothing
New Hillsboro store also offers small furniture, arts and crafts, other items
kammy miller
Kammy Millers new re-sale store, The Wear House, opened for business on Water Ave. in downtown Hillsboro during Labor Day weekend. - photo by Jack Knowles photo

Call it a “work in progress,” call it a “re-sale shop,” but don’t call it a “junk store.”

That’s pretty much the feeling of Kammy Miller as she begins the second month of her new business, the Wear House, in the downtown Hillsboro building that formerly housed an auto supply shop and a furniture store.

The nicely stocked store started doing business on the Labor Day Weekend and appears to be attracting quite a lot of folks in the market for used, but good condition clothing, and other assorted items including arts and crafts, collector plates, small furniture, and many accessories such as homemade soap.

“It’s much more than clothes,” Kammy told the Sentry-Enterprise in a recent interview. “I look for nicer clothing in good condition, and if it’s somewhat different, I’ll usually take it in for re-sale.

Kammy’s interest in starting a business began more than a year ago, backed by a very supportive family and friends.

She thought of the name “Wear House” because of the clothes and also the fact that the showroom, in some ways, looks like a warehouse with plenty of space and big ceiling beams.

The second-hand stock is almost all purchased from local folks, as is the hand-crafted merchandise sprinkled throughout the giant showroom.

What you see is just the beginning of much more stock stored downstairs, where there is plenty of extra room that played a role in her decision to rent such a big building.

More stock already needs to be brought out.

“You never know what a customer is looking for and sometimes they aren’t sure either,” Kammy explained.  She keeps the major clothing brands separated, making it easier for those who enjoy browsing, and she will only show “nice things in good condition.”

She was surprised at how many people came out and enjoyed the store during the Grand Opening over the Labor Day weekend. They even sold a bedroom set at that time!

She remains somewhat surprised at the different things some customers ask about, including a dye cast pencil sharpener, three extra large T-shirts, and “big, goofy hats and glasses!”

There currently aren’t any major items being sought that she noticed. Shirts are probably the most sought after things. “We had a perfectly awful shirt and I debated with myself whether to display it, Kammy laughed. “It sold the first day!"

Marking prices is among the toughest chores when operating a re-sale shop. “Brands make a big difference in setting the price,” Kammy reported. “I go on-line a lot when deciding on prices.”

Variety is the key to selling items and bringing people into the store. Seasonable considerations really are not in play because folks layer their clothes during the winter now, so many items are displayed year around.

“We’ve tweaked many plans, already,” Kammy said. “And, we’re still developing policy issues.”

Her father, Mike Miller, built many of the racks and shelves and the large family all chipped in with getting the place ready to open. There are six brothers and sisters in the family, including Kammy’s twin. They grew up in the LaFarge area.

Kammy and long-time friend Cory Griffith have three children, all in Hillsboro schools: Jason, 13, Jameson, 8, and Kiana, 5.

Kammy and Cory appreciate all the assistance they have had in starting the venture and are hoping they can bring a new successful business to Hillsboro.