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Travel club founder opens her own travel business
Fay Urban has ability, connections to assure an enjoyable vacation
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There is a new business in town, and if you’re contemplating a vacation trip, it could be just the thing that will make you a happier tourist.

After 28 years of employment at Farmers State Bank, Fay Urban has opened her own business, “Urban’s Scenic Travel.”

She has much more experience in the travel field than you might think. In fact, she started the bank’s Senior Travel Club 20 years ago and enjoyed planning all the details for the very popular trips to many different destinations.

Fay knows first hand how much tourists enjoy traveling as a group with many  friends.

She has both the connections and abilities to assure any travelers an enjoyable vacation adventure.

“It all depends on what people want,” Fay told the Sentry-Enterprise in a recent interview. “We offer all-inclusive trips with all the details taken care of before the departure date.

“There has been plenty of support from customers. We already have group trips planned with Colorado in October and Miami and Key West in February.”

New York and New Orleans are both very popular destinations and, no doubt, will be on Urban’s Scenic Travel schedule some time in the future.

“Folks seem to like visiting big cities where there is more excitement like Broadway and the French Quarter,” Fay reported. “Niagara Falls is also a popular destination.”

She is sold on group tours because there are usually folks along who have some expertise in the areas scheduled, and that can help make it both fun and a learning experience.

A somewhat new type of travel that is growing in popularity is a river boat cruise, especially in European countries.

“It’s like enjoying a traveling hotel,” Fay pointed out. “You have all your clothes and other belongings in your own room going right along on the trip, without all the bother of packing and unpacking at every stop.

“There are new destinations added to those river cruises all the time because tourists enjoy them so much.”

Urban’s Scenic Travel has a snappy slogan that pretty well sums up the reason to give them a phone call if you’re in need of some traveling ideas: “Have the time of your life when you’re traveling with us!”

So far, Fay says she has been very pleased with the customer support. Just as  important is the fact that support at home from her family is 100%.

Fay truly appreciates calls from folks who are looking for help with their travel plans. She always has her cell phone with her (608-354-9506).

You can also learn more on Facebook at Urban’s Scenic Travel.