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City approves frog contract
cricket frog

DARLINGTON – With a light agenda Mayor David Breunig called the Sept. 3, 2019 meeting to order of City of Darlington Common Council at 7:00 p.m.

The city, in an effort to tie-up loose ends, took on the cricket frog contract related to the phosphorus trading rip-rap project.

The Blanchard’s cricket frog is on the State of Wisconsin endangered list and as per Wisconsin DRN regulation must be checked for before construction begins on river front construction sites.

The city received a proposal from John Peterson of Platteville that states he will perform daily removal of the amphibian, a half an hour before construction begins (which is 7:00 a.m.). Delta 3 has estimated the project will take 42 days to complete.

The costs involved include: one hour driving time, plus half hour removal time, times 42 days, times $100 per hour, equaling to $6,300.  There is a mileage cost of $1,125 also included, for a total of $7,425.

Alder Dave Roelli said, “That’s quite a bit less than what we were told at the last meeting.”

Alder Steve Pickett asked, “So he’s doing it everyday for the 42 days, before they get there at 7:00 a.m., is that what I understand?”

Williams answered, “Yes, they have to do it before they start working.”

Pickett added, “He’ll be doing it in the dark.”

Alder John Sonsalla said, “They have a unique sound, he monitors the sound to find out where they are.”

Pickett said, “I’ll move for the approval. I don’t think we have any choice.” The motion was seconded.

Breunig stated the motion and asked for discussion.

Pickett said, “I’m amazed you can say that with a straight face.”

Alder Dave Gough added, “Who would have ever thought?”

The motion was approved.

In other business:

•Director of Public Works, Jeremy Williams said, “The silencer has been installed at the Wisconsin Whey Plant.”

• Sonsalla asked about a bill for tree removal. Williams stated four trees were removed that were on city properties. Sonsalla asked, “Is there any kind of financial program for removal and replacement of trees throughout the city, if not I suggest you do that.”

Williams said, “Yes, it’s in our budget.”

•Approved a contract with Zwygart Real Estate, Century 21, Rhonda Pehl for the renewal of a listing contract for the leasing of the second floor of the municipal building.

•Approved a contract with Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning commission for grant administration services for the 2019 public works grant awarded by U. S. Economic Development Administration for the expansion of the city’s business park. The fee is $5,000.

•Approved a proposed 2020 budget approval schedule.

•Approved writing off of two delinquent personal property tax accounts. The accounts were – Wisconsin Dental Partners - $72 and Darlington Family Restaurant - $118.

•Approved paying Aug. 2019 city, direct deposit payroll, Water Dept., Sewer Dept. and Library vouchers in the amount of $940,080.