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Beware of counterfeit bills
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Platteville police have recently received several reports of counterfeit bills being passed at local businesses. 

The suspects in these cases most often are from out of the area and make stops at several businesses within a quick period of time. Police are encouraging business owners to become familiar with looking for counterfeit bills and train their employees to do the same. 

A guide to counterfeit bills can be seen at and elsewhere on the Internet.

“This crime is becoming more common and will continue this way as technology advances and printers are more available to these criminals,” said police Det. Amy Hartwig.  “If you have accepted a counterfeit bill, please contact us immediately and have the following information available for us: the name and contact information of the employee who accepted the bill, a description of the suspect and vehicle and surveillance video if there would be any. Please do not delay in calling the police to collect this information, as the sooner we receive the call the sooner we can investigate.”

For more information, call police, 348-2313.