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Housing complex evacuated
Arson charges possible
Residents of University Village, a student housing complex on College Drive, wait outside while members of the Platteville Fire Department inspect an apartment which sustained damage from a fire.

The investigation is continuing in regard to a fire at the University Village apartment complex in Platteville. The Platteville Fire Department was called to the location on College Drive at 12:28 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30. According to Dave Izzard, Platteville fire chief, 32 firefighters responded to the scene and they were there for approximately two-and-a-half hours.
The fire originated in a bedroom in one apartment. One male was inside the apartment at the time. His roommate was not there. Prior to the arrival of the firefighters, a fire extinguisher and water were used on the fire. Izzard noted, upon arrival of the firefighters, smoke could be seen from the ceiling to the floor.
Residents of the complex were evacuated for approximately one hour until it was deemed safe to return.
The Platteville Police Department is investigating the fire. The department received a search warrant for the apartment and detectives collected items for the investigation.
Peter J. Koehler, 25, Avoca, whose bedroom is where the fire originated, was transported by Platteville EMS to Southwest Health Center.
According to Doug McKinley, Platteville chief of police, a preliminary investigation shows the fire was suspicious. Arson charges for Koehler are expected to be forwarded to the Grant County district's attorney's office.