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Madison police identify man suspected of ripping recall petition last month
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DARLINGTON—The Madison Police Department released the name of the Darlington man suspected of destroying a recall petition in Madison more than a month ago.
Although he has yet to be charged or cited, Mark A. Kieler, 58 of Darlington, is the person of interest in a case stemming from Nov. 17 when a petition of signatures to recall Gov. Scott Walker was destroyed.
The police report states that citizens soliciting signatures for the petition contacted the Madison Police Department at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 17 following the incident. The citizens reported that a man driving a red truck pulled over at the parking lane in the 800 block of Midvale Boulevard in Madison where the petition was being circulated by people holding signs. When given the petition to sign, the man instead ripped the document and drove away. The citizens reported the man’s license plate number to the Madison Police Department. The torn petition contained three signatures.
The case was investigated by a detective of the Madison Police Department and was referred to the district attorney’s office. Mary Schauf, records custodian of the Madison Police Department, said the district attorney will decide what to do with the case.
“People are fired up on both sides of this issue,” Schauf said. “We weren’t releasing any information until now because to an extent we want to do the right thing and have all of the facts before making a decision.”
The destruction of a petition falls under Chapter 12 of the Wisconsin statutes: prohibited election practices. The violation is a class I felony punishable by up to a $10,000 fine or imprisonment not to exceed three years and six months or both a fine and imprisonment.