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Mistress attempts to kill lovers wife and misses nine shots
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A woman, who had been shot at several times while she and her husband were at their vacation home on Gran Grae Road, called to report the incident to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 12:09 p.m.

The caller, Jane Beutin, stated that the alleged suspect had fled the area in a vehicle. The incident took place at 34005 Gran Grae Road in the Township of Wauzeka.

When sheriff’s department investigators arrived at the scene, they made contact with the victim, Jane M. Beutin, 49, from South Milwaukee, according to Crawford County Sheriff Dale McCullick. Beutin informed the investigators that her husband’s mistress, Mary K. Janka, 35, also from South Milwaukee, had shot at her several times trying to kill her.

Jane Beutin told the investigators that she had recently discovered her husband, Tad R. Beutin, 53, South Milwaukee, had been engaged in a long-term affair with Janka.

Jane Beutin said her husband, Tad Beutin,  had been at the cabin on Gran Grae Road for the previous few days and she intended to meet him on Wednesday, Oct. 3 to confront him about the affair.

Jane Beutin arrived at the Gran Grae property at approximately 11 a.m.  The Beutins went to a different part of their property where they have a cabin to talk about their issues. When they arrived back at the main entrance to their property, they met Mary Janka, Tad Beutin’s girlfriend. Jane Beutin exited her vehicle and told Mary Janka to leave her property. Janka said she was not leaving until she was able to speak with Tad Beutin.

After a brief exchange of words, Janka reached into the trunk of her car, retrieved a .22 caliber handgun, pointed it at Jane Beutin and said, “die” and fired a round at close distance missing her, according to the sheriff’s department.

Jane  Beutin began running with Janka following and  firing several more rounds at her, the sheriff’s department reported.

Beutin was able to get into a bathroom located in one of the sheds and shut the door. Janka followed and fired five more rounds through the bathroom door missing Jane Beutin, who stood to the side of the door, according to Sheriff Dale McCullick.

Eventually, Tad Beutin was able to take the handgun away from Janka. A total of nine rounds were fired at Beutin during the incident, the sheriff’s department reported.  

After Tad Beutin disarmed her, Janka got in her car and left the scene. The Beutins, who were unharmed during the incident, went to a neighbor’s residence and notified law enforcement.

Mary Janka was later located in Jackson County, where she has family. She was transported to Crawford County Jail on Friday, Oct. 5.

Janka has been charged with attempted murder and remains in custody on a $100,000 cash bond in Crawford County Jail.

Agencies assisting with the investigation included, the South Milwaukee Police Department, the Jackson and Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Departments, and the Wisconsin State Patrol.