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One brother dead, another jailed after fight on Sunday
Danial Saalsaa
DANIAL SAALSAA (pictured at left) of Argyle, is currently being detained in the Lafayette County Jail after he was involved in a physical altercation on Sunday, March 31. Danials brother, Aaron Saalsaa, the other person involved in the altercation died April 1 in a Madison hospital, where he was being treated for injuries sustained in the fight.

    Aaron D. Saalsaa, 27, of Argyle died Monday, April 1 at a Madison hospital where he was being treated for severe injuries reportedly received during a physical altercation outside of a residence on North Broad Street in Argyle that occurred during the early morning hours of Sunday, March 31, according to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.
    The other person that was involved in the altercation was the deceased’s brother, Danial D. Saalsaa, 29, of Argyle. He was taken into custody at the scene of the fight and is currently being detained in the Lafayette County Jail in Darlington.
    The altercation was reported to the Lafayette County 911 Center at 3:16 a.m. on Sunday and Argyle EMS volunteers along with Lafayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call.
    Aaron Saalsaa was initially taken to the Monroe-Clinic Hospital in Monroe by Argyle EMS and was then later transferred to a Madison hospital, where he passed away on April 1.
    Hayley Saalsaa, the Argyle police chief, is a sister-in-law to both Aaron and Danial and was a witness to the altercation as she was called by family members to respond to the fight.
    The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office has requested assistance from the Monroe Police Department regarding this matter due to a potential conflict of interest. This is due to the fact that the staff of the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office routinely works closely with Chief Saalsaa, who has a family connection to the case.
    The Monroe Police Department has reported that they are currently investigating this matter and according to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department, once the investigation is complete the matter will be referred to Lafayette County district attorney Kate Findley for review.