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Crawford County clarifies manure storage ordinance
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CRAWFORD COUNTY - At their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20, the Crawford County Board of Supervisors passed a tweak to the language in the county’s manure storage ordinance, Chapter 11.

“The biggest change is the language that clarifies that the quantities of manure which can be stored in an animal waste storage facility without requiring a permit from the county are cumulative for the entire property or operation,” Crawford County Conservationist David Troester explained. “That means that you can’t have three 5,000-cubic-feet facilities and interpret the code to mean that because each one is less that 7,000 cubic feet, you don’t need a permit. If you have three at 5,000, that means that the total for your property or operation is 15,000 cubic feet and you need the permit.”

Troester also explained that the change in language for the ordinance would double the $300 construction permit fee if construction is started prior to the permit being obtained. Last, the fee to close an animal waste storage facility will be waived if the party is receiving cost-share assistance for the project.

The specific language of the changes adopted by the county board is as follows:

The Crawford County Board of Supervisors do ordain as follows:

Section 1.  That Crawford County Ordinance Number 11.01 is hereby repealed and recreated to read as follows:



Animal waste storage facility. A concrete, steel, or otherwise fabricated structure, or an earthen facility constructed of dikes, excavated pits, or ponds, or a combination of these, used for temporary storage of animal waste.  This ordinance applies to all facilities on one operation that stores a cumulative volume greater than 7,000 cubic feet or for a period of 30 days or longer.   Methane digesters and animal manure stacking areas do not require a permit under this section.  Further defined in Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 50.62(1).


    (c) Fee.  The application fee for a permit under this section shall be $300.  The permit fee will be payable upon submission of application for the permit.  Permit fees will double if facility is constructed or closed prior to permit issuance.  Permit fee for closure of an animal waste storage facility will be waived if receiving cost-share assistance to complete the practice.

 Section 2.  This Ordinance shall become effective from and after its passage and publication as required by law.