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Echos of the Past for Jan. 9
Old Fennimore Main Street
ONE HUNDRED TEN YEARS AGO (1910)—A few cars of coal received here relieved the coal famine somewhat. It was fun to watch the teams line up alongside the cars just like the product wagons do on South Water Street in Chicago waiting to be loaded up. You had to be “Johnny on the Spot” to get any and customers were only too glad to help shovel. It’s a cinch that no coal this winter will have to be put into the bins, it’s gobbled up as fast as it arrived.
    ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO (1920)—A Knabe Grand, an electric player piano, finished in mahogany and of exquisite workmanship, was purchased of A. Weber by Hon. D. T. Parker last week. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest pianos in this part of the county. The cost of this beautiful instrument was $3,000.
    NINETY YEARS AGO (1930)—Mr. V. A. Hetland, who for the past nine years has successfully conducted the Ford agency in Fennimore, has purchased the Ford agency and garage of the Jefferson Auto Co. and expects to take personal charge of the business at Jefferson by Feb. 1. While Mr. Hetland still retains his interest in the Fennimore plant, the same will be under the active management of Mr. Harold Plattner.
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO (1940)—Dick Frantz and Olga Huf of Fennimore had the experience of appearing on a broadcast over radio station WMT, Waterloo, Iowa, last Saturday evening at 6 p.m., as the local contestants in an amateur contest put on by the Glendora coal dealers to select amateurs to join Major Bowes troupe of artists. Dick and Olga were the local winners in the contest held at the Fenway Theatre last week. Olga was the first of seven contestants in the Waterloo contest playing the “Beer Barrel Polka” on her accordion. Dick was the last contestant singing “Mother Macree.” Unfortunately they failed to place among the winners of the contest.
    SEVENTY YEARS AGO (1950)—Stockholders of the First State Bank in Fennimore elected officers and set up the organization for the coming year. L. A. Liesch was reelected president, George Frantz vice president, and Mr. Liesch also continues with the title of cashier. The board of directors consists of Mr. Frantz, A. Kenneth Kern, J. N. Kramer, Mr. Liesch, and Harold Plattner.
    SIXTY YEARS AGO (1960)—Mayor Alvin Feakes announced that he will not seek reelection to a third term as mayor of the city of Fennimore. —Robert Bray, co-owner and operator of the Fennimore Motors Garage, was elected president of the Fennimore Chamber of Commerce. Other officers include Hilton Munns, vice president; John Birchman, secretary-treasurer; Fred Lind and Donald Doeringsfeld, directors.
     FIFTY YEARS AGO (1970)—The Rev. Edmund G. Salzmann, pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church the past two years, has been named pastor of the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church of Berlin. The Rev. John L. Urban has been named to succeed Father Salzmann in Fennimore. —Peter Finnegan made it home in time for Christmas and has a 30-day leave from his Army duty in Vietnam. He will return to Vietnam after his leave expires.
    FORTY YEARS AGO (1980)—Fennimore residents shivered in the dark for several hours on Jan. 3 at 11:40 a.m. when a malfunctioning voltage regulator left the city utility with only two phases of their three phase power feed from the Dairyland Power Cooperative. A makeshift solution was discovered about 5 p.m. then the faulty regulator was replaced on Friday.
     THIRTY YEARS AGO (1990)—Michelle Brandemuehl, Tim Busbey, and Melissa Nelson will be among nearly 1,300 high school students participating in Luther College’s 40th annual Dorian Vocal Festival Jan. 14-15.
    TWENTY YEARS AGO (2000)—After 13 years in the State Assembly, Representative David Brandemuehl (R-Fennimore) announced that he will not seek reelection to the 49th Assembly District seat in November.
    TEN YEARS AGO (2010)—Judi Nelson is retiring as office manager of the Fennimore Times on Jan. 15. Nelson has been employed for the newspaper for 26 and a half years and has worked alongside nine different editors as well as several owners and other staff.