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Audit report presented, accepts donations
Darlington School Board
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DARLINGTON – Johnson Block Senior Accountant, Sara Jacobson, presented the Audit Report for the 2016-2017 school year to the Darlington School Board of Education at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 20.
She discussed that the total governmental fund balances have increased by $3.7 million over the past five years due to the different fund balance changes. The general Fund Balance as of June 2017 was 32 percent of the 2015-2016 operational expenditures. The goal of the Fund Balance policy is to not be less than 26 percent and that goal was met.
The most significant state revenues for the Governmental Funds Revenue in 2016 and 2017 were the Equalization Aid, Special Education and Per Pupil Aid. The most significant federal revenues were Federal Special Education, Child Nutrition and Title One. Other sources decreased due to the district receiving $64,000 in Focus on Energy Grant and $53,000 in e-rate in 2015-2016. In 2016-2017, the school received a $47,000 settlement for the gymnasium floor.
The property tax levy has increased 14 percent and the mill rate increased four percent since 2013. Taxes were 33 percent of total revenue in 2017, which is an increase from 29 percent in 2016.
Overall, the Governmental Funds Expenditures increased by $567,000, due to the increase in capital projects costs like the roof and the remodel project.
The Touchdown Club presented $2,000 from the concession stand to be given to all those who worked at the stand. They also donated $1,750 for a new sound system in the DHS weight room and $1,000 for weight room equipment (jump ropes) and signs to be placed throughout the weight room to inspire all those in any sport.
The school board accepted a donation from the class of 1950 of $303.09 to the DHS Student Development Student Activity Account.
Other Business
The board approved adding a DEMS Service Learning Student Activity Account, KidWind Challenge as a pilot to the DEMS After School activities and donating a chalkboard to the Friendship Fund.
They accepted Ethan Glendenning as a volunteer as a drummer for the DHS Musical and Richard Anderson as a volunteer for the KidWind Challenge
Closed session
The Darlington School Board of Education also approved:
-a FMLA request.
-Annie Doyle as a long-term substitute at the rate of summer school salary. 
-the hourly increases for Hannia Santacruz at 4.5 hours per week and Emily Britz at 9 hours per week.
-Dan Hemming as the Lightening Assistant for the DHS musical.