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Boscobel National Honor Society inductions back on track
Boscobel School District

BOSCOBEL - The Boscobel School District met Monday night in person and via Zoom for their regular monthly meeting.

High School and Middle School Principal Wally Bryne shared with the board and attendees that things are going well. He noted that they have recently sent home a letter alerting families about a science credit recovery opportunity and that all of the hot spots distributed except for one are functioning.

An exciting announcement for high school students was shared, as  Bryne noted that the National Honor Society inductions were being planned. He shared that last year, when COVID hit the school was just in the midst of finishing up work in the induction.

“We kept thinking we’d be okay and then days and weeks and months passed,” Byrne said. “Finally we decided we would offer it this year, inducting this years’ Seniors and Juniors who have qualified.”

Byrne noted to the board that the tentative date for the induction would be April 13, which would also be the Academic Awards Night from last year and this year as well.

It was also briefly shared with the board by the principal that letters of appreciation are coming in for the staff and district for their work during this time of difficulties and virtual learning.

He went on to share that the ACT testing is, for now, planned for March and Senior Awards Night will be May 27.

“We are very hopeful we can do all of these traditionally, but we have plans ready for if we cannot,” Byrne noted.

During District Administrator Bryce Bird’s report the intentions of the Jillson Family to donate a Track and Field Record Board was shared.

Holly and Clark Jillson expressed interest in donating a track and field record board that would be more easily seen and hung in the gym.

“We want it to be a motivator for the kids,” Holly Jillson shared via Zoom. “The old one doesn’t look nice, and it’s hard to read. We want to donate one to improve the look for the school but also motivate the kids.”

“How would you justify just one sports record board?” Bird questioned Jillson. “If you’d want to donate boards for other sports that would be great but if you go into most schools you’d just see the track and field record board.”

Ultimately, the board decided that any way they could promote the kids in the school and encourage them is a positive thing and approved the donation. 

School calendars were also discussed extensively by the board. Following a survey and questioning parents about their wants and needs it was planned and approved for the 2021-2022 calendar to include an early release every Wednesday, at 2 p.m. for PLC time. 

A proposal to apply for a grant for LED lighting was shared with the board by Bird.

Bird noted that the Riverdale School District he was previously the administrator of had taken advantage of this grant money in the past and it was successful for them.

An individual from E3 Lighting would be working with Focus on Energy to write the grant which included a Buy American clause. They would retrofit all the lights to LED. The total project would cost around $207,000—with part of the money being funded by the grant and it also ‘paying for it self’ with savings from Focus on Energy and WPPI. The district's cost would be $86,000, which is a 58 percent reduction with grants and incentives. It was shared that the cost would be covered in two years in savings.

A motion was made to approve the writing of the grant and go through with it if approved and to be paid out of this year's budget.