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Catholic high school maintains fall open goal
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Holy Family High School continues to proceed toward the goal of starting classes this fall.

“This past fall, Holy Family High School started a fundraising campaign to raise funds for operating costs,” said Terese Olson, Holy Family High School Board president. “Starting with a bowling tournament, which featured prizes and a silent auction, was a great way to initiate our fundraising campaign for an endeavor that aims to achieve that balance of academic excellence and faith in action.”

An annual fundraising campaign has been created to \recognize individuals and companies wishing to contribute to making a regional high school taught in the faith and traditions of the Catholic religion, a reality.

“After speaking to business owners and individuals within the community, we heard time and again how the need is great for this school,” said Olson. “The statements of support from the community for an additional high school choice have further solidified what we felt to be true regarding this endeavor. Regardless of political or religious conviction, the collective voice of the business owners to whom we have spoken to directly, is truly supportive of a community that works together for the best interest of our youth, providing them with the opportunity of school choice. Whether in the area of education or in clubs and sports, the attitude promoting different schools within a community working together in a successful unified manner for our youth is great.”

At the same time the Holy Family High School’s fundraising campaign kicked off, several buildings have been inspected for fall classes.

“Though we’ve been contacted by a building company for a planning and projection analysis to build an actual high school, our preference would be to initiate the high school classes in an existing space,” said Olson. “The desire is to be prudent and to start classes strongly and successfully, keeping an eye toward long term growth.

“It is important to emphasize our vision of a college prep curriculum that enhances critical thinking in an environment where Catholic traditions and faith is our primary importance. Once classes are established, we can then turn our attention to the idea of building. Any contributions that exceed Holy Family High School’s operating costs, unless specifically designated, can be endowed toward a long term building project. At this time, we are awaiting a confirmation on our most recent building choice. Once a location is confirmed, we can then inform the parents and the public.”

While most high schools are beginning their registration process for next fall, Holy Family High School is initiating its enrollment process and encouraging those interested to contact the Board when they are able. Registration for Holy Family High School will remain open until the early summer.

“Ideally, we’d prefer to have our numbers in place as early as possible for fall planning accuracy,” said Olson. “However, we understand the fact that most families interested at this time have to make a greater consideration because of a different choice being available. And we’ve always said, we mean no disrespect to any of the regional public high schools. Unfortunately, they just cannot provide the faith environment for learning that Holy Family High School intends to provide.”

The Holy Family High School website is being created for access to information. Along with information regarding the regional high school, business sponsors and benefactors will be listed when permission is given. Over time, forms can be added to assist the families within the regional footprint that Holy Family High School aims to serve.

“Once we confirm the location and our website address, we will pass that information along to the public,” said Olson. “Until then, brochures containing information such as our mission and curriculum are available for distribution by just contacting me or one of the board members.”

For additional information, email Olson at, call 608-225-4799 or send to: Holy Family High School, P.O. Box 105, Dodgeville, WI  53533.