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DHS walk through to identify Energy projects
Program Manager Troy Zimdars informs the Darlington School Board members about what McKinstry plans on completing in the automotive room at the Darlington High School this summer.

The Darlington Community School Board of Education walked through the high school with McKinstry Program Manager Troy Zimdars to see what exactly would be done during the Energy Efficiency project beginning this summer.
The board went through the weight room, wrestling room, metal shop, technology room, art room, woods room and library; everything that will be worked on this summer. Zimdars explained what was going to happen in each room. In all the rooms, they would update lighting to LED lighting. In the weight room and wrestling room, they would install occupancy sensors that would only turn on when someone was in the room. They are looking at two possible ways of installing the HVAC in those rooms as well and that will be put up for bid and the best option will be chosen for the project.
In the metal shop, they are looking at moving the weld hoods. The exhaust will be tied to the outside air just like in the weight room and wrestling room, with demand control ventilation. There will be electrical upgrades and lighting.
The automotive shop will have a separate supply of air from that of the classroom. McKinstry has a couple proposals out for bid if the HVAC unit would be inside or outside on stilts and duct through the walls or on the roof. There will be occupancy based controls. There will be a new exhaust system where if they have to run the vehicles inside the exhaust can be hooked up to a pipe and can be exhausted right to outside.
Principal Aaron Lancaster stated that another thing they look at doing is to take the kiln out of the art room, which is on the other side of one of the automotive shop walls and put it into a storage room that is fire grade.
“When we talk about the facility piece, like Aaron is doing with the wall and the kiln, that will be Hoffman working with McKinstry on those areas,” Administrator Denise Wellnitz clarified.
The technical education room will be completely redesigned. Working with Hoffman on design, McKinstry will be upgrading the lighting and electrical and putting fixed lighting fixtures over each workstation. The room is dependent on Hoffman getting their proposal to McKinstry as to what it will look like. Wellnitz said it would be like the Fab Lab area that the art and technical education areas can utilize. Lancaster commented that they would be getting rid of the two offices in the back of the room and the teacher’s office would be moved into the woods room.
The art room is no different from the rest with updates to lighting, electrical and HVAC and exhaust. It will be cleaned up for workstations and lighting and wiring will be fixed to those workstations. More art storage will be used in the woods area, where again fixed lighting will be used over each workstation. McKinstry are looking at hardwiring the machines in the woods room rather than being able to move them around.
“In this room we are putting out 75-80 foot candles, which is a lot. It is more than we need in this room but it still feels dark. So that just shows the inefficiencies of the lighting in this room,” Head of Maintenance Lee Black stated.
Lancaster explained the design for the library that will be done by Hoffman. The circulation desk will be moved to the front of the room. The smart board and shelving will be moved to create a presentation area. Tall shelving units will be moved against the walls. Computers will be placed near the back of the room in a semi circle. In the back two corners, there will be two 14x10 collaboration rooms where students can go and work on group projects. Wellnitz said that the design is coming from Hoffman but a lot of the work is being covered under McKinstry because the electrical and lighting is still under the Energy Efficiency project.
“Our goal is to have all these designs to you by the May 1st board meeting,” Wellnitz added.
McKinstry is looking to get started with the project when school is done in June.
The Darlington Community School Board of Education also approved/accepted:
-a donation from the Pop Factory Players for $1,200 towards a new sound system for the middle school.
-a $900 donation from the Pop Factory Players for a new spot light for the DHS Theater/Drama Department.
-a donation from Branded Apparel of $100 to the DHS track activity account and $31.59 to the Class of 2018 activity account.
-RBS Activewear’s donation of $1,051.58 to the DHS track activity account for their apparel sale.
-Riley Fitzsimon’s request to use the gym for Wisconsin Academy, 16U AAU Basketball through the summer.
-Marcia Aas’ request to resign as Library Media Specialist after 14 years of service to the district.
-Nathan Wiegel’s request to resign as Assistant Director for the High School Play.
-the renewal of the SWEEP Contract for 2017-2018 school year.
-the Audiology Services Contract for the 2017-2018 school year.
-the CESA 3 Contract for 2017-2018 school year without the library services.
-establishing an account in Huntington Bank with a .8 percent interest for Energy Efficiency Project Funds.
-the following staff as new hires for 2017-2018 school year: Alyssa Linden-DEMS Special Education Teacher; Justin Doyle-DHS Technical Education teacher; Larry Green-DHS Assistant Varsity Football Coach; Mariah Wasley-DEMS Kindergarten Teacher.
-two Friske Scholarships, 20 Marriott and seven Barlow Scholarships