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District approves referendum 6-2
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    DARLINGTON - At the Darlington School Board meeting Monday, Jan. 4 the board approved three resolutions
    •Unanimously approved  the application of a grant for Fabrication Laboratory (FAB LAB) sponsored by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. The grant would fund 75% of equipment used in the current FAB LAB for maintenance, and ongoing growth of the FAB LAB.
    •The second resolution was to “Authorize the Darlington School District budget to exceed the revenue limit by $1,000,000 for the 2016-2017 school year, and by an additional $1,2000,000 (for a total of $2,200,000) for the 2017-2018 school year and thereafter for recurring purposes consisting of maintained and enhanced educational programming.”
    Bob Hermanson started the discussion by stating he supports exceeding the revenue limits, but I do not support the recurring part, so I will be voting no on this, I just don’t think it’s the way to go at this time.” Then Joe Riechers stated he shared the same sentiment and said, “nobody ever talks to me about anything, and I’ve heard from people that are not in favor of the recurring.” Hermanson continued, “I’ve stated all along that I didn’t think the recurring was the right way to go, going forward.”
    Nicholas Zuberbuhler  said, “the last nine years it has been recurring, but we called it non-recurring, that’s basically what we’ve done.” Hermanson responded, “the people still like the authority to say no.”
    Matt Wilson said, “the reason I support the resolution, is that I can’t convince myself that there will be a time, when we don’t need this money. We’re going to continue to get less money from the state, and things are going to get more expensive. I think it puts the district in the future in a very risky position, less state aid and things getting more expensive. I think now is the time to do the recurring.
    Zuberbuhler said, “if we don’t do the recurring, it handcuffs us in the sense that, we try to avoid the situation we’re in right now when we’re told by principals that we need two more teachers and we’re playing the teeter totter game, do we have the money or are we not going to have the money. We have staff that will be in limbo, and we don’t know if we will have the money.
    Aaron Wolfe says “I see this as a way districts have to cope with a revenue limit that no longer makes sense.”
    On a roll call vote Hermanson and Riechers voted no, Crist was absent, and the remaining board voted yes, as it passes 6-2.
    •The third resolution is related to the second resolution and takes care of the responsibilities of having a referendum. It also passes 6-2.
    In other business the board:
    •Accepted donations from Lafayette County Advocacy Group - $200 for DEMS for school supplies.
    •Accepted donation from Judith Thomas - $100 for the Joe Thomas Scholarship.
    •Donated old football jerseys from 80’s and 90’s to the Touchdown Club.
    •Approved the auditorium, stage and lighting/sound system for use by Driver Opera House and DHS Drama Dept.
    •Approved the use of the high school gym for Alea Lindsay and HalfX Entertainment Dance Team to rehearse.
    •Approved a medical leave for a DEA employee.