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Flooding affects Riverdale bus routes
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It was a brief meeting for the Riverdale School Board Monday night. Only a week into the academic year, there was little action required.

Among the items of note offered purely as information to the board, was an update on transportation issues from District Administrator Bryce Bird.

Bird noted that flooding last week created some difficulty in returning students in the Avoca area. He credited Transportation Director Pat Clark with taking extra measures to ensure students were returned safely, without risk.

“Pat took kids in the van,” Bird explained. “There were about four routes in, three of which had water over the road. Pat was able to get the kids home without risking driving through floodwater. You just never know what is under that water.”

Bird went on to explain route adjustments that had been made to reduce the time kids are spending on the bus to and from school. The district has been able to reduce all but one route to under an hour.

For the complete article, please see the September 15, 2016 issue of the Muscoda Progressive or Boscobel Dial.