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Grand Finale Roadrunner Road Rallye set Friday
Grand Finale Roadrunner Road Rallye set Friday

A popular spring event since its first appearance in 1972, the Roadrunner Road Rallye has become a trademark for the Richland Campus. The Grand Finale Road Rallye will take place this coming Friday, April 28, with a participant meeting starting at 2:30 in the Roadrunner Café of the Wallace Student Center.

The first vehicle will depart from the West Parking Lot at 3:00, with others to follow at two-minute intervals. Rallye officials stress the event is not a race; the average speed over the course is 25 mph. Each vehicle must have a driver and a navigator; additional passengers are allowed. Either the driver or the navigator must be a current student, alumni, or faculty/staff member in order to be eligible for championship trophies to be awarded in those divisions.

Non-affiliated campus persons are also welcome to participate.

Just prior to departure, each vehicle will be given the rallye directions which, when followed, will take them to the finish line. Along the way there will be questions to be answered. The questions are actually clues to help reassure participants they are on the correct route. Winners will be determined on the basis of a penalty point system factoring in mileage, incorrectly answered questions, and time.

Unlike other years when the finish line was a mystery, this year officials are letting participants know the Road Rallye will end at the Phoenix Center on Orange Street in the city. The Richland Campus Foundation is sponsoring free pizza for rallye participants.

Organizers of this year’s event include Professors Marnie Dresser and Gail Hoffman, along with John Poole, Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs Emeritus.