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Holy Family High taking applications
Deadline May 1 to apply for 201314 school year
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DODGEVILLE — Holy Family High School is nearing its final stage of formal enrollment for the 2013–14 school year.

The formal enrollment deadline is May 10, and all parents of interested students are asked to contact the HFHS Board for enrollment materials.

As a regional private independent school, HFHS will offer college preparatory classes taught in the traditions of the Catholic faith, beginning this fall.

“HFHS intends to offer college prep classes in the curriculum areas of English, math, social studies, science, life skills and religious education for students attending the regional private school,” said Holy Family High School Board President Terese Olson.

Other courses such as foreign language, band and chorus depend on funding and school partnership.

In addition to the college prep curriculum, HFHS aims to offer various clubs such as Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, Drama, Critical Thinkers/Philosophy, History, Chess and Ski Club depending on student interests.

Individualized team sport training, such as tennis, golf and cross country will be offered the first year, while larger team sport training may be offered, if there are enough interested students to comprise a team.

Guest lecturers giving students exposure to career areas of interest will be brought in to speak to students enabling them to be exposed to various career opportunities.

“The vision and goal for HFHS is a college preparatory regional school taught in the traditions of the Catholic faith that focuses on developing the critical thinking and personal growth skills of the teenager for academic and individual success,” said Olson.

The enrollment opportunity spans a broad area from communities that include, but are not limited to, Mount Horeb, Platteville, Spring Green, and Richland Center, as well as Dodgeville.

As a regional school drawing from the broader area of Southwest Wisconsin, the potential relative impact to the individual public schools should be minimal. In addition, the differing curricula focus should also minimize any competitive concern. As with any business or school model, the intention is to complement what is currently offered for the community.

“This is an exciting time for our area, and we continue to be encouraged by the statements of support and enthusiasm from individuals who have contacted us,” said Olson.

As with all private schools, however, the success of HFHS depends on the involvement of area parents and community philanthropists.

“Our desire is to offer a high quality education at an affordable tuition,” said Olson. “Outside donations and giving will play an important role in helping us achieve this goal.  Offering practical or financial assistance to HFHS in a manner in which you are able, not only serves your stewardship in faith, but it inspires others to do the same. Together, we can make a difference.”

HFHS is an independent High School that continues to receive the support and guidance of the Office of Catholic Schools of the Madison Catholic Diocese. It plans to open in the Dodgeville area and will announce teachers and the official location when confirmation of the site is made.  For enrollment/registration information, as well as offers of support and donation, contact Holy Family High School, Attn:  School Board, P.O. Box 105, Dodgeville, WI  53533, email, or phone (608) 225-4799.