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DPI state school report cards
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Following are Department of Public Instruction school report cards for schools in the athletic conferences that include Southwest Wisconsin Newspapers school districts.

State school report cards are available online at

Southwest Wisconsin’s top 10 schools
Platteville High School, 82.6
Plain Elementary, River Valley, 81.7
Arena Elementary, River Valley, 80.6
Cassville Elementary, 80.6
Platteville Middle School, 79.4
Prairie du Chien High School, 79.1
Ridgeway Elementary, Dodgeville, 78.2
Westview Elementary, Platteville, 77.8
Darlington Elementary–Middle, 77.4
Benton Elementary, 77.3

Grade-school, middle school report cards

Southwest Wisconsin Conference
Plain Elementary School, River Valley, 81.7
Arena Elementary School, River Valley, 80.6
Spring Green Elementary School, River Valley, 80.0
Platteville Middle School, 79.4
Ridgeway Elementary School, Dodgeville, 78.2
River Valley Middle School, 78.0
Westview Elementary School, Platteville, 77.8
Bluff View Middle School, Prairie du Chien, 75.0
Jefferson Elementary School, Richland Center, 73.5
Dodgeville Elementary School, 71.5
Dodgeville Middle School, 71.3
Bluff View Junior High School, Prairie du Chien, 70.9
Winskill Elementary School, Lancaster, 70.8
Bluff View Elementary School, Prairie du Chien, 70.5
Richland Middle School, Richland Center, 66.9
Doudna Elementary School, Richland Center, 66.5
Lone Rock Elementary School, River Valley, 64.7
Lancaster Middle School, 62.5
Neal Wilkins Elementary School, Platteville, NR
B.A. Kennedy Elementary School, Prairie du Chien, NR
River Valley Studio Elementary School, NR

Southwest Wisconsin Activities League
Darlington Elementary–Middle School, 77.4
Fennimore Elementary School, 76.9
Mineral Point Elementary School, 73.3
Iowa–Grant Elementary School, 72.6
Cuba City Elementary School, 72.3
Mineral Point Middle School, 72.1
Southwestern Elementary School, 69.7
Riverdale Middle School, 68.5
Riverdale Elementary School, 64.7
Boscobel Junior High School, 64.1
Boscobel Elementary School, 58.3

Six Rivers Conference
Cassville Elementary School, 80.6
Benton Elementary School, 77.3
River Ridge Middle School, 76.0
Pecatonica Elementary School, 75.8
River Ridge Elementary School, 75.8
Black Hawk Middle School, 74.1
Belmont Elementary School, 71.5
Black Hawk Elementary School, 71.0
Shullsburg Elementary School, 70.5
Potosi Middle School, 69.4
Shullsburg Middle School, 69.0
Potosi Elementary School, 68.0
Highland Elementary School, 66.5
Highland Middle School, 62.5

Ridge and Valley Conference
Weston Elementary School, 75.3
Wauzeka Middle School, 75.0
Weston Middle School, Cazenovia, 71.9
North Crawford Elementary School, Soldiers Grove, 71.4
Ithaca Middle School, 70.8
La Farge Middle School, 69.7
Kickapoo Elementary School, Town of Kickapoo, 69.2
Stoddard Elementary School (De Soto), 68.8
Seneca Elementary School, 68.5
Ithaca Elementary School, 68.2
De Soto Middle School, 67.3
Seneca Junior High School, 65.7
Prairie View Elementary School, De Soto, 65.7
La Farge Elementary School, 65.0
Wauzeka Elementary School, 64.9

Scenic Bluffs Conference
Bangor Elementary School, 77.5
Royall Elementary School, Elroy, 76.2
Norwalk–Ontario–Wilton Elementary School, 72.5
Hillsboro Elementary School, 71.9
Wonewoc–Center Junior High, 71.4
Royall Intermediate School, Elroy, 70.1
New Lisbon Elementary School, 69.8
Necedah Elementary School, 67.5
Cashton Elementary School, 66.6
Wonewoc–Center Elementary School, 63.9
Juneau County Charter School, New Lisbon, NR
Royall Middle School, Elroy, NR


High-school report cards

Southwest Wisconsin Conference
Platteville High School, 82.6
Prairie du Chien High School, 79.1
Dodgeville High School, 75.3
River Valley High School, 74.1
Lancaster High School, 73.9
Richland Center High School, 72.1

Southwest Wisconsin Activities League
Darlington High School, 76.9
Mineral Point High School, 75.1
Cuba City High School, 72.8
Riverdale High School, 69.5
Fennimore High School, 68.6
Boscobel High School, 67.2
Iowa–Grant High School, 67.1
Southwestern High School, 65.9

Six Rivers Conference
Potosi High School, 75.0
Benton High School, 73.8
River Ridge High School, 73.8
Pecatonica High School, 73.5
Cassville High School, 70.6
Highland High School, 69.5
Shullsburg High School, 68.4
Black Hawk High School, 64.9
Belmont High School, 63.3

Ridge and Valley Conference
North Crawford High School, 71.7
De Soto High School, 67.8
Kickapoo High School, Town of Kickapoo, 66.4
Weston High School, Cazenovia, 58.8
La Farge High School, NR
Seneca High School, NR
Wauzeka High School, NR

Scenic Bluffs Conference
Hillsboro High School, 73.2
Brookwood High School, Ontario, 71.0
Cashton High School, 70.5
Wonewoc–Center High School, 67.1
Bangor Middle–High School, 66.5
Necedah Middle–High School, 60.7
Royall High School, Elroy, 59.9
New Lisbon Junior–High School, 55.2