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Logemann retires as state school nurse of the year
Award named for her own school nurse
Mary Kay Logemann

One could say that Mary Kay Logemann retired on top of her profession.

The Wisconsin Association of School Nurses named Logemann the recipient of the 2015 Katheryn Etter School Nurse of the Year Award. 

Logemann received the award at the WASN’s Spring Conference Awards Ceremony in Madison. 

Logemann retired at the end of the school year after 15 years as the Platteville Public Schools district nurse. Logemann was joined by 28 of her family and colleagues, to her surprise.

The individuals nominating Logemann described her “as a fierce advocate for students and families.” Her role in working with students included “ongoing home visits to assist families and provide them with support and guidance,” while keeping “students at the forefront.” 

Area physicians noted Logeman’s skills and helpful approach, saying she “fosters connections with local health providers and pharmacists.” 

Logemann is a native of Monroe, where Etter was her own school district nurse. Logemann worked to have the award named for her during her tenure on the WASB board.

Logemann holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in education, and is a registered nurse.