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More open-enrollment students for Platteville
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Platteville Public Schools expects to grow again with an influx of open-enrollment students next school year.

The school district projects a net increase of 24 students from open enrollment, with 21 students applying to come to Platteville and 59 continuing in Platteville, against 10 students applying to go to school elsewhere next school year and 46 already going to another school district.

Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center is expected to get the most open-enrollment students, 28, with 16 at Westview Elementary School, 20 at Platteville Middle School and 17 at Platteville High School.

PPS superintendent Connie Valenza said students who open-enroll out of the school district usually do because a parent works for an employer in a different school district, students who live on the board of a school district goes to a new school, or a student’s family moves into Platteville, but the student continues attending his or her former school.