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North Crawford tax levy drops
Affect of state budget is diminishing funds for education
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The North Crawford School Board met on October 25, approving the 2011-2012 school budget and tax levy.

The budget has had to respond to drops in the tax levy and state aid due to mandates in the state budget.

The tax levy saw a decrease of 4.86-percent and state aids are down 6.95-percent.

“Revenue for the school is down a quarter of a million,” Dr. Dan Davies, the North Crawford superintendent said in an interview outside the meeting. “That means deficit spending in the budget to keep things going. No school district in the state will be able to continue with inadequate funding.”

After finalizing finances, the board moved on to approve the winter coaching recommendations.

• Gary Hines will coach boys’ basketball with Mike Allbaugh as the assistant coach.

• Dave Bergum will coach girls’ basketball with Hillary Day as the assistant coach.

• Nate McKittrick will coach junior high basketball for both boys and girls with Jud Eastman as assistant coach.

• Pete Hady will coach wrestling with Eric Hady as assistant coach.

• Russ Torgerson will coach junior high wrestling.

Also approved was participation in the CESA 10 Environmental, Health and Safety Program.

State mandate requires the school to have a written asbestos abatement plan despite the fact that the school was constructed without the material and is asbestos free. They must also continue to be certified asbestos free each year. The CESA program will help complete these tasks and will also perform a full audit and safety inspection, identifying anything the school may have missed.

The Board also recognized the donation of a new sign made to the school by Jim and Allison Showen. The sign is now installed at the corner of Hwy 131 and County X.

In other business:

• Approval of posting for the aide position

• Getting notices to post in response to the concealed carry law stating that guns are prohibited on school property

• Receiving a thank you for the donation to the Experience Works program.