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Performances worthy of gold, silver and bronze
Platteville successful in state forensics
PHS forensics state
Platteville High School competitors at the state forensics meet at UWMadison Friday include (front, from left) Emma Wilson, Minjoo Son, Hannah VanNatta, Danielle Jentz, Elisa Bahr, McKenzie Scanlan, Elyssa Vondra; (middle row) Tianna Gile, Rachel Emendorfer, Emily Reuter, Erin Bowden, Saafia Masoom, Sumaia Masoom, Mattea Scanlan, Arianna Day, Beth Gardiner; (back) David Ababio, Hannah Schambow, Sarah Loring, Jaron Frederick, David Hahn, Adam Roberts, Jake Reuter, Matt Schaefer, Rachael Demaree, Angela Drefcinski, (missing from photo) Stephanie Momot, Carla Hoppe and Stephanie Philipps.

The Platteville High School forensics team competed at the state forensics competition at UW–Madison Friday.

Five students received gold medals, scoring the highest possible score, 25, for their performances.

Students’ performances were scored on a scale from 1 to 25.  At the state level, a score of 25 earns a gold medal, scores of 24 and 23 earn a silver medal, scores of 22-20 earn a bronze medal, and scores of 19 and lower earn a small bronze medal.

The team is coached by David Freitag, Bethany Fredericks, and Cheryl Schober.

Team state results:

Gold medals: Sarah Loring, Farrago, 25; Sumaia Masoom, Oratory, 25; Elyssa Vondra, Solo Acting, 25; Rachael Demaree, Solo Acting, 25; Saafia Masoom, Special Occasion, 25.

Silver medals: Erin Bowden, 4-Minute Speech, 23; David Hahn, Demonstration, 24; Jake Reuter, Demonstration, 24; Beth Gardiner, Group Interpretation, 24; Elissa Bahr, Group Interpretation, 24; McKenzie Scanlan, Group Interpretation, 24; Hannah VanNatta, Group Interpretation, 24; Mattea Scanlan, Moments in History, 23; Adam Roberts, Play Acting, 24; Jaron Frederick, Play Acting, 24; Minjoo Son, Play Acting, 24; Arianna Day, Play Acting, 24; Carla Hoppe, Play Acting, 24; David Ababio, Play Acting, 24; Hannah Schambow, Play Acting, 24; Stephanie Momot, Play Acting, 24; Stephanie Philipps, Play Acting, 24; Danielle Jentz, Poetry, 23; Matt Schaefer, Prose, 24; Tianna Gile, Prose, 23; Emma Wilson, Solo Acting, 24.

Bronze medals: Angela Drefcinski, Prose, 22; Emily Reuter, Prose, 22; Rachel Emendorfer, Public Address, 21.