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Rep. Kind presents grant to North Crawford
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North Crawford Schools were honored to receive Congressman Ron Kind last Tuesday, the 19th of February, in recognition of the school’s efforts toward improving the health of its students though the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant.

The three-year PEP Grant was awarded to the North Crawford School District (NCSD) beginning with the 2012-13 school year and extending through the 2014-2015 school year. Congressman Kind reached out to the district to extend his personal congratulations to students and staff.  

The school’s PEP Grant project is entitled ‘North Crawford Fitness Force-Communities Turning Toward Total Health.’  The PEP Grant funding is aimed at promoting and enabling the North Crawford School District to implement more effective physical education and nutrition programs. To put the importance of the PEP Grant into perspective, North Crawford was one of only 52 school districts across the United States that were selected to receive the 2012 PEP grant award.

Congressman Kind praised the district’s efforts in attaining the PEP Grant and spoke to students about the importance of healthy eating habits and getting a proper amount of exercise. Kind was impressed with the school’s initiative in getting the PEP Grant and noted that he speaks highly of the school’s efforts to everyone, including President Obama.

Congressman Kind educated the entire student body on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Kind abides by the statement, “All things in moderation.” As he explained, indulging in certain sweets is perfectly fine to do once in a while; it’s eating those sweets all the time that can be harmful to a body’s total health and wellness. For added emphasis, Kind admitted that he has an occasional soft spot for “Chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk.”

Along with his informative speech to the student body, Congressman Kind competed in a football passing challenge against the elementary students at North Crawford Schools. Following the football challenge, three junior high students participated in a basketball skills drill with Congressman Kind. Finally, in the last challenge of the day, Congressman Kind played a quick game of Ping-Pong against North Crawford High School’s Ping-Pong champion, Joe Bedessum.  Needless to say, the congressman’s skills were very impressive, and it capped off a fun-filled visit.

North Crawford, along with the other 52 schools in the nation receiving the PEP Grant, will be under national scrutiny and will serve as a model for other school districts hoping to improve the health and wellness of their students. Congressman Kind hopes to see North Crawford excel and do great things with the PEP Grant, as North Crawford’s success will provide a blueprint that other schools may be able to follow. Healthy children mean a healthy future!

Also in attendance were members of the North Crawford Board of Education and several of North Crawford’s community partners. North Crawford School District’s staff and students would like to thank them for their ongoing support.