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School board preparing for Oct. 25 annual meeting
Boscobel School District
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In preparation for the district annual meeting on October 25, the Boscobel School Board will hold a special meeting to go over the budget on October 3 at 6:30 p.m.

The board was apprised a month ago on an approximate budget. The report on the 3rd will allow the administration team to present numbers closer to the final numbers that will be presented at the annual meeting. They will include updated student counts. Any changes between that meeting and the annual meeting will arise out of changes directed by the board or final adjustments made by the administration team.

District Administrator Greg Bell cautioned the board members that emailed questions should be directed only to the administration team as the board reviews the proposed budget in preparation for the meeting. Including other board members in email exchanges could inadvertently create a quorum, violating the state Open Meetings law, intended to guarantee that governing bodies do not create official business behind closed doors.

For the complete article, please see the Sept. 22, 2016 issue of the Boscobel Dial.