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School Board sees preliminary budget numbers
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The Boscobel School Board got its first look at the school district’s oh so very preliminary budget at their regular meeting Tuesday evening.

“Let me stress the preliminary,” said District Administrator Greg Bell.

This early in the process, many of the numbers the district uses to begin formulating the budget for the coming year are still estimates. Until state and federal budgets are passed and the school reaches the third Friday count – the official enrollment count occurs on the third Friday in September – the amount the schools will receive in funding are educated guesses.

The good news is, if the numbers are anywhere close, the school district could produce a small surplus while still making some capital improvements and instructional investments.

The current projected revenue for the district is $10,383,432. Projected expenses are 10,349,236. That leaves a projected surplus of $34,196.


For the complete article, please see teh June 22, 2017 issue of the Boscobel Dial.