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Teacher of the Month
PICTURED IS Vicki Wolf and her third grade class with her red 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid with the Anderson-Weber Teacher of the Month apple decal.

Vicki Wolf, third grade teacher at Holy Rosary Catholic School, has been chosen as 92.9 KATFM and Anderson-Weber Toyota Tri-State Teacher of the Month and has the opportunity to drive a 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid and $250 for her class. She was nominated by one of her students, Olivia Kleiber.
Olivia heard about the Tri-State Teacher of the Month on the 92.9 KATFM radio station when a previous teacher was nominated. She went to the website and typed up what she liked about Mrs. Wolf.
“I said she was creative and she helps us with our art and our religion,” Olivia said.
Vicki was completely surprised. Vicki also receives $250 for her class that she plans on using to buy intermediate Bibles and thesauruses.
“We will probably have a pizza party in there too. We need to have some fun. I would love to take the kids to Disney World,” Vicki joked as her students erupted with excitement.
Vicki added that she wouldn’t have gotten this award without the help of the other teachers.
“As they say ‘it takes a village’ and we all work together,” Vicki said.