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Woznicki begins duties as new school administrator
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Thomas Wozinicki took his place as the new District Administrator for the Boscobel School District on Monday, July 1. He replaces Dr. Stephen Smith, who served in the position for the past seven years before retiring at the end of the school year.

Woznicki grew up in Birnamwood, east of Wausau, and Appleton.

When Woznicki graduated from high school he attended Lawrence University in Appleton for four years. He proceeded to continue his education at Marion University in Fond du Lac, where he earned his Master of Arts in Education degree. He then proceeded with his schooling at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, earning his Education Specialist Degree. Woznicki is still continuing his education at this time as he says education never truely ends for an Administrator.

Once out of school, Woznicki took his first teaching job in Blaine, Minn., where he stayed for three years before returning to Wisconsin. Woznicki was a teacher for 26 years in four different school districts.

“In order to receive a substantial raise, I had to keep switching school districts,” said Woznicki.

Woznicki was working in Florence County as the District Administrator there from 2009-2013 before being hired by the Boscobel School Board in April.

Woznicki decided to come to Boscobel not just because the school district was in need of a District Administrator but also because he feels that southwestern Wisconsin is a beautiful part of the state.

“I came out in this direction many times when I went out on drives with my family while working in Madison at DPI and it was just beautiful,” said Woznicki.

Woznicki moved to Boscobel at the end of June, leaving his wife, Anne-Marie, and five children, including Jack, 8; Claire, 6; Rose, 5; Luke, 3; and Paul, 1. His family plans to move down here from Appleton in August after his wife has their new baby due on Aug. 27 and the other kids are done with summer sports and summer school. Woznicki is currently visiting his families on weekends.

“This is an opportunity for the kids and the grandparents to spend time together before we move three and half hours away from them,” said Woznicki.

Going into his first year as part of the Boscobel School District, he is going to be working on discovering what is being done currently to keep things running well and to try to improve the things that are not running as well.

“I plan to stay in Boscobel as long as I believe I can be of service,” said Woznicki.

Woznicki also believes that he will prove to be a good District Administrator for Boscobel by taking his experience and abilities and using them in ways that will best serve the greatest number of students and faculty.

Outside of work Wozinicki says his hobbies consist of spending time with his family and very rarely getting in a few rounds of golf.

“I probably get in six rounds of golf in the summer,” said Woznicki.