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Area beekeepers to meet, picnic In Richland Centers North Park

Area beekeepers will gather Sunday, June 7 at noon in Richland Center’s North Park, located on Main Street Highway 80 north of the Highway 14 intersection.

Highlights of the meeting will be a presentation by club member John Tiller of Hillsboro on the art of ‘splitting,’ the creation of two beehives from one, and by club president Sue Sharp of Richland Center on recently published surveys of bee colony losses. Sharp will also supervise a ‘smoker’ contest to see who among club members can make a bee yard smoker last longest.

This is the Ridge & Valley Beekeeper Club’s second annual field day. It will begin at noon at the Carl Chellevold Shelter, one of two in North Park, located east of Highway 80, with a volleyball court nearby. Lunch will be potluck and members are asked to bring their own beverages. Tableware and other amenities will be provided.

Meetings of the Ridge & Valley Beekeepers are open to anyone interested in beekeeping, especially those interested in getting started. For more information, contact Sue Sharp at 608-604-9005.