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Celebrity meteorologist stops in SW Wisconsin
Al Roker 303
Al Roker of the Today Show made a stop at the 3 Mile House on Monday night and a crowd was there to greet him.

Today Show meteorologist Al Roker is attempting to set a Guinness World Record this week by forecasting the weather from all 50 states in one week. He stopped at the 3 Mile House in the southwest corner of Wisconsin late on Monday evening, wrapping up the fourth day of his trip. He started in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Friday, Nov. 6, and will end in New York City, N.Y., on Friday, Nov. 13.

This is the second world record Roker is attempting to break. Last year he set a Guinness World Record by delivering the weather live for 34 hours straight.

Approximately 100 people and three goats met Roker in Wisconsin on Monday and Madison's NBC 15 meteorologist Brian Doogs gifted Roker with a six-pack of New Glarus beer, which can only be purchased in Wisconsin.