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Columnist Jane Schmidt to offer ‘Workout for a Cause’
jane Schmidt cover photo
Jane Schmidt, award-winning Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout, will lead a 'Workout for a Cause' event to benefit the Driftless Writing Center. Jane is a big fan of the center, and the recipient of some of its teaching.

VIROQUA - A ‘Workout for a Cause’ event is planned that will benefit the Driftless Writing Center on Saturday, February 1, at the Viroqua Athletic Club, from 8:30-9:30 am. The suggested donation for participation is $10.

Every year Fitness Choices has an event called Workout for a Cause. People in our community join in for a one-hour workout, with the monies collected going to the organization.

This year we'll be working out for Driftless Writing Center!

The DWC has become a powerhouse in our community. They have reached out and recorded hundreds of stories from the people in our area devastated by floods. They've compiled a book called Contours, a collection of stories, poems, essays, and artwork by writers and artists of the Driftless region. They also provide endless workshops, author and poetry evenings, and ongoing support to anyone who writes or dreams of writing (like me!).

The DWC is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for our community. Please join me in showing your support.

If you have a mat please bring one. If not, there will be mats available for your use.