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Gotta Dance to nationals
20 routines qualify in Dells regional
Pictured above are Gotta Dance Senior and Teen Soloists who finished first through eighth, including Felicia Holmes, Spencer Holmes, Lindsey Wolf, Sarah-Kate Kenney, Olivia Ahnen, Kennedy Lee, Kenzie Klein, Alyssa Bainbridge, Jonah Zimpel, Rianna Straka, Erin Walker, Will Taylor, and Alexa Weber.

WISCONSIN DELLS — Twenty dance routines by members of the Gotta Dance Academy of Performing Arts of Lancaster will be performing at the Showstoppers National Dance Championship in Sandusky, Ohio.

The 20 routines, out of 28 performances, qualified in the Showstoppers Regional Dance Championship in Wisconsin Dells against dozens of dance studios from around the state and area. 

Ailania Bainbridge received fourth place in Junior Performance Solo with a clogging routine. Lilyann Weber received seventh place in Junior Performance Solo with a song and dance routine. Madison Tracy placed ninth with a contemporary routine. 

In the teen solo division, Will Taylor won first with a contemporary solo and Erin Walker and Rianna Straka tied for second place with a tap and contemporary solo. Alexa Weber finished ninth in Teen Performance Solo with a song and dance solo.

Gotta Dance nearly swept the Senior Solo division with all of its soloists placing in the top 10. Felicia Holmes finished first with a tap solo. Jonah Zimpel finished second with a contemporary solo. Alyssa Bainbridge finished fourth with an acrobatic solo. Olivia Ahnen finished fifth with a song and dance solo. Sarah-Kate Kenney and Lindsey Wolf tied for sixth with a song and dance and acrobatic solo. Kennedy Lee and Spencer Holmes tied for seventh with a contemporary and hip hop solo, and Kenzie Klein finished eighth with a tap solo.

The duet of Danica Tydrich and Abby Timmerman finished first in Mini Performance Duet/Trio with “We Go Together,” followed by Erin Walker and Lindsey Wolf with “Work It.”

In the Senior Duet division, Gotta Dance swept first through fourth, with Colton Holmes and Alyssa Bainbridge in the contemporary duet “Emotional.” Zimpel and Lee in “When I’m Gone.” John Giesen and Kenzie Klein dancing “Heart of Stone” in Senior Performance Duet/Trio, and Colton and Spencer Holmes performing “Classic Man.” 

Gotta Dance’s clogging team of Spencer Holmes, Felicia Holmes, Wolf, Walker, Maddie Hampton, Rianna Straka, Kenney, Sydney Taylor, and Sarah Claire Ingebritsen competed in the Teen Small Group advanced dance division against almost 50 routines. They received second place with their routine “Saved.” The tap routine “The Heist,” with Spencer, Felicia and Colton Holmes and Alyssa Bainbridge received first place in the Senior Performance Small Group Division. “Nine to Five”, a Senior Performance small group tap routine, received second with Ingebritsen, Taylor, Klein, Jayce Zimpel, Ahnen, Kenney and Lee. 

The Junior Clogging Team of Meg Walker, Abbi Martin, Timmerman, Will Taylor, Madison Tracy, Violet Hibbard, Emma Schramm, Claudia Ingebritsen, Makenna Graney, Olivia Blum, Madi Bainbridge, Ailainia Bainbridge, and Malaina Graney received second place in the Junior Performance Large Group Division with the clogging routine “We Love the ‘90s.” The Teen Large Group Division contemporary routine “Dollhouse” received second place, with Maddie Hampton, Alyssa Bainbridge, Klein, Wolf, Erin Walker, Rianna Straka, Lee, Jonah Zimpel, Jayce Zimpel, Claudia Ingebritsen, Will Taylor, Ahnen, Brooklyn VanNatta, Madilynn Bainbridge, and Sydney Taylor. 

In the Teen Small Group Division, “Lollipop,” a character routine, received first overall with members Claudia Ingebritsen, Blum, Madilynn Bainbridge and VanNatta.  

The Gotta Dance performances are choreographed and instructed by Brandi Dreher White), Lizzie Alcorn, Belinda Lyght, Vicki White, and Lindsey Overby.