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Rummage Along the River
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‘Rummage Along the River’ is a 70-mile garage sale extravaganza on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21. that winds along Highway 35, Wisconsin’s Great River Road.  Stoddard, Genoa, the Bad Axe, DeSoto, Ferryville, Lynxville are the river towns. Then, you swing up County E to Highway 27 and find more shopping in Seneca and Mt. Sterling. 

If you want “manly stuff, tools, table saws, crafts, furniture, hunting boots, jackets, gloves, great antiques, bargains, quilted crafts, and fun then aim your car toward Stoddard,” says Robin Palmer.  Ferryville garage sales will include items from an estate, antique crocks, big size clothes, kid’s toys, kitchen items, tables, chairs, and at Ferryville Village Hall you will find Capelle’s Cuisine selling Chicago hotdogs, walking taco’s and other fabulous food, plus you will meet even more fascinating vendors.  

In Seneca, you are likely to find antique’s, seasonal items, dog beds, hunting equipment and other treasures some are from long ago. DeSoto is a “must stop” and Genoa is the place for finding fishing gear and more for sure. Lynxville has a wealth of treasures including hunting gear, fur stretchers, camo items, a compound bow, hunting tree stand and harness, mirrors, entertainment center and so much we can’t list it all. Every participating community will have something special to offer.

What better way to spend a Friday or Saturday than to drive the Great River Road National Scenic Byway Highway 35, shop for bargains and enjoy the fabulous scenery, wildlife, local places and people. Make it a day of great memories. 

Why not make it a weekend and stay at one of the great lodging places along the Wisconsin Great River Road – Highway 35.  It is a wonderful time to try something new.

Where to find the garage sales in each community?  Stop at the local gas station for a list of the places in    DeSoto (Pronto), Ferryville (Ferryville Cheese & More).   In Stoddard, stop at Village Hall, in Lynxville maps are at the Dawg House.  Seneca has maps at Greener’s Corner or Johnson’s One Stop and in Mt. Sterling they are at Finders Keepers (on the corner of Highway 171 and 27).  Check out Craig’s List, Ferryville’s Facebook page ( and Ferryville Tourism Council’s website, which is

Need garage sale signs – contact your community coordinator and it is free… fees.  Coordinators are:  Stoddard-Robin Palmer, Genoa-Jana Engh, Bad Axe-Patty Veglahn, DeSoto-Gary Fluhr & Miles Bohland, Ferryville-Sherry Quamme, Lynxville-Kim Schneden, Mt. Sterling-Barb Quamme, and Seneca Barbara Schroeder.

Mark your calendar and plan now for ‘Rummage Along the River’ on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day!  Bring your biggest totes, a cup of coffee (or buy a cup of java at the local spots in each village), relax and enjoy. Bring your overnight bag and stay awhile.

Remember—we’ll be looking for you!