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Proper disposal
Worn out flags burned
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Platteville veterans (left to right) Merv Hottenstein, Ron Cook, and Gary Erickson, dispose of the estimated hundreds of flags that were left in drop boxes at Mjr. Christopher Splinter VFW Post 5274 in Platteville or at Walmart in Platteville. Not pictured: Cecil Block, Ivan Doering, and Lynn Carpenter.

The collection was estimated at 1,000. That was the number of tattered, torn, frayed and faded United States flags that were disposed of properly on Saturday. Platteville veterans Cecil Block, Ivan Doering, Ron Cook, Gary Erickson, Lynn Carpenter, and Merv Hottenstein, took the responsibility of burning the flags in burn barrels at the city's compost site.
The proper disposal takes place whenever Cook has a substantial collection. The worn out flags can be dropped off at drop boxes at the Mjr. Christopher Splinter VFW Post 5274 in Platteville as well as at Walmart in Platteville. Cook visits the Walmart site at least once a week.
The VFW also sells American-made nylon flags.
The flags that were disposed of on Saturday were made of nylon as well as cotton. Each flag was unfurled and set inside a burn barrel. The sizes of the flags that were disposed of ranged from small to very large.