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Pulse dosing antibodies may benefit Lyme disease sufferers
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The July meeting of the Lyme disease support group for residents of Juneau, Monroe, Richland, Sauk and Vernon counties is scheduled for July 31 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Hillsboro Public Library meeting room, 819 High Ave.

Part of the July meeting will discuss findings gleaned from a May, 2015 study published by the American Society for Microbiology. Does pulse dosing antibiotics to treat Lyme Disease have benefit?

Dr. Kim Lewis’ team at Northeastern University assessed pulse dosing as away to methodically attack and destroy one (of the many) of the Lyme bacteria’s survival modes, called persister cells. Do some Bb inactively ride out the use of antibiotics only to later reproduce to resume their attack. Reactivated Bb seems susceptible to continued intermittent rounds of antibiotics. Is this a possibility Lyme sufferers might consider?

It takes time to properly gather and assess information. Our support group offers Lyme sufferers a forum in which to progressively receive and/or give.

Questions about the meeting or its purpose(s) may be emailed to , or telephone 608-489-2725 (ask for Gary), or mail to this address: Gary Cepek, S1468 Cepek Rd., Elroy, WI 53929.