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Tourism event focuses on lesser known sections of Kickapoo River
tourism event

There is a question that Robin Baumeister heard from a tourism promoter once that still sticks with her today.

“What do you have in your back yard?”

The Boydown native can respond to that question with certainty. The rivers and hills surrounding us are filled with opportunities that don’t require driving long distances.

“People come from all over to visit this region because we have what they don’t,” she says - opportunities to hike and hunt, flora and fauna enough to fill a naturalist’s heart with joy and wonder, and, perhaps speaking most to Robin’s interests, opportunities galore to canoe and kayak.

Robin is the “Senior Executive VP of Everything and Actually Runs the Place” at Wisconsin River Outings, if you go by her business card. She sums it up as the general manager. She was one of the organizers of a group of 22 kayaks and canoes that put in at a new canoe landing on the Kickapoo River at County Highway B, just north of Gays Mills last Thursday afternoon.

The small flotilla was there to promote use of the river and to highlight two new canoe landings, one at Highway B and another at County Highway S.


For the complete article, please see the June 29, 2017 issue of the Boscobel Dial.