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Weekend storm update
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According to Grant County Emergency Management Director Steve Braun, Saturday night storms brought an additional 5+ inches of rain to the affected area, once again causing severe flash flooding in Boscobel and surrounding communities. Emergency responders were first called out around 10:30PM for rescue calls from stranded motorists on County Hwy S east of Boscobel. Evacuations were conducted in areas of Boscobel that were flooding again.

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers will again be needed on Monday to assist area residents with cleanup. There are many elderly and disabled persons and other families who need assistance. Please bring gloves and boots. Volunteers should report to the Boscobel City Hall after 8AM for assignments. All volunteers must register at City Hall. Persons who need volunteer help should call the Resident Assistance Center at 375-5001.

RESIDENTIAL DAMAGE ESTIMATE: Estimated 600 homes affected, 40 with moderate damage and 20 with major damage. Boscobel residents who have damage to homes should report that damage to City Hall at 375-5001. Residents outside Boscobel with damages should report to Grant County Emergency Management at 723-7171. Residents are encouraged to document all damage with photographs and to save receipts.


· Town of Bloomington - $3,500
· Town of Boscobel - $300,000
· Town of Castle Rock - $325,000
· Town of Fennimore - $4,000
· Town of Hickory Grove - $350,000
· Town of Marion - $200,000
· Town of Millville - $80,000
· Town of Mt. Hope - $3,000
· Town of Muscoda - $75,000
· Town of Patch Grove - $20,000
· Town of Watterstown - $100,000
· Town of Wingville - $12,000
· Town of Woodman - $180,000
· Town of Wyalusing - $500,000
· Village of Bagley - $26,000
· Village of Bloomington - $20,500
· Village of Blue River - $75,000
· Village of Muscoda - $5,000
· City of Boscobel - Assessment Pending

Total Public Sector Damages Reported to Date - $2,309,000

ASSISTANCE TO AFFECTED RESIDENTS: A Joint City-County Resident Assistance Center will again be open on Monday, 8AM-6PM. Local and County agencies will be available to provide assistance to residents in need.

CLEANUP KITS: Red Cross and Salvation Army Cleanup Kits are available at Boscobel City Hall.

ROAD CLOSURES: Roads that are posted as closed or barricaded are unsafe for travel. Sometimes washouts are not visible from the surface. Use extreme caution navigating rural roads in the affected areas. As of 8PM on Sunday, the following Grant County roads are closed:

· Hwy 133 both sides of Blue River
· Old C east of Studenburg Rd in Watterstown Twp bridge washed out
· Cty M from Cty S to Cty T (mudslides)
· Cty M from Cty T to Cty G (Open for emergency traffic only, down to one lane)
· Bowers Rd in Wingville Twp (washed)
· Slabtown Rd in Beetown Twp (washed)
· Riley Rd in Marion Twp (washed)
· Blue River Rd between Forest Rd and Hwy 133 (washed)
· Forest Rd on the hill (washed) and at Blue River Rd (water)
· Shady Hollow Rd in Woodman Twp (bridge out)