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From cookies to microphones
Quota Club raises funds for Soundfield systems in Platteville school classrooms
The daughters of Louise Brockman (center) of Platteville Brenda Dalecki (left) and Brooke Buch teach in Platteville schools. Their classrooms received Soundfield amplification systems through a Quota Club project.

Louise Brockman was a teacher in the Cuba City school district.

Today two of her daughters are teachers in the Platteville school district: Brooke Buch teaches kindergarten and Brenda Dalecki teaches fifth grade.

“I loved teaching, but my husband’s insurance business was growing and I joined him in that business,” said Louise.

After her husband’s death Louise continued with the business and is still a New York Life agent today.

In 1975 Louise joined a group of women in Platteville to form a local chapter of Quota Club International. The focus of Quota Club is to assist the hearing impaired. Over the years the club’s members have raised funds to purchase items such as hearing aid batteries for senior citizens, a bed shaker alarm, and an infant hearing screening machine for Southwest Health Center.

At one of the club’s meetings club members learned about a Soundfield Amplification Stystem being used in many schools, and the benefits of the system for both students and teachers. Quota Club members set a goal of purchasing amplification systems for Platteville classrooms from kindergarten through the sixth grade.

Each year Louise baked her cookies for Quota’s Fancy Christmas Cookie sale knowing that some of the money raised would be used to purchase Soundfield systems. Eventually both her daughters’ classrooms had Soundfield systems installed.

“The amplification system is great because the students can hear me wherever I am standing in the room,” said Buch. “This makes teaching easier for me and the students benefit because they can hear the instructions for the lessons more clearly. This makes their classroom time more pleasant and productive.”

Dalecki wrote in her thank-you note to Quota members: “The system is amazing. Not only does it amplify my own voice but it works well with our computers and Smart Board system.”

Brockman has not only baked lots of cookies, she has personally contributed to the Soundfield Amplification System as have other Quota members. This project has also received financial support from other community service organizations, public school organizations, individuals and businesses. Thirty-seven Soundfield Amplification Systems have been installed in Platteville school classrooms with a combined value of $38,000.

To contribute to the purchase of a Soundfield system or learn more about Quota Club. Contact Quota Club of Platteville, P.O. Box 318, Platteville, WI 53818, or Quota Club President Cindy Martens, 732-4650.